You were designed to be full of God's Spirit and hear His voice. You were designed for supernatural living!

God gives the supernatural gift of prophecy freely but you will develop and keep it only through winning the spiritual battle against your self and the enemy. 

The Lord's Prayer provides a balanced biblical framework for growing in the prophetic gift. The five spiritual movements hidden in it ensure that you can enter into God's presence, perspective, provision, nature and freedom. 

Based on over twenty-five years of walking and ministering in the prophetic, Marko looks at different aspects of prophetic hearing and seeing, giving practical examples from everyday life and ministry, including forty prophetic lessons he learnt when God led him to marry his wife.

'Five Movements' shows how at the heart of mature prophetic ministry is longing to live in God's presence, how to discern when it is God speaking and when not, how to interpret dreams and visions, and how to overcome the enemy that will seek to snatch away your prophetic gift.
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