Rami was fourteen when his parents uprooted the family, moving from Finland to the mission field of Africa. Here, amid suffocating heat and dust, Rami became a kung fu master, tapping into supernatural force that gave him power he had never dreamed of. Soon Rami found his life and body taken over by the darkness. Fuelled by a demon inside of him, he soared through international criminal ranks, earning a coveted spot in the Russian mafia's inner circle, and overseeing booming drug distribution business. 
Yet the beast inside would not be satisfied. It wanted more. It wanted complete control. From the beautiful shores of Finland to the luxurious, deadly underworld of the Russian mafia, and to the deepest places of a man's being, a physical and spiritual war raged. Based on real events, the red scorpion is a modern day parable of the prodigal son.
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