Nathan McKinley, an archaeologist returns from a research trip in the Outworld to post-apocalyptic druidic Britain where the Order still tries to cling to power. After the underground train he travels in is blown up he discovers that his cousin Guinevere has been killed in the explosion.
With help from Guinevere's household robot and Snyder, a contact from the Underworld, Nathan begins to ask questions about her death.
But asking too many questions can be dangerous.
Are the ancient stone circles in the Outworld linked to Stonehenge? What is the book Sam gave to him at the Old British Library? Are human sacrifices still practised in Britain?
As the Solar Nations expand their territory with the launch of 55 Cancri 1, the first star cruiser that will take on a forty-four-year long voyage, the battle for the religious domination of the galaxy is on.
Can Nathan find the answers to his questions and stay alive? Does he really want to know the answers?
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